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Tempo SC Ultra Insecticide

  • Product Overview
  • Benefits
  • Target Pests
  • Product Overview

    Tempo SC Ultra insecticide is a suspension concentrate providing the power of a powder in a liquid formulation, delivering a rapid knockdown and lasting residual against more than 100 types of insect pests. Using the active ingredient beta-cyfluthrin in an odorless formulation with low visible residue, Tempo SC Ultra is designed to maximize particulate disbursement for enhanced exposure of target pests.
  • Benefits & Use

    Tempo SC Ultra's comparatively low toxicity and reduced active ingredient allows for an increased residual effectiveness without reducing the initial knockdown. Choose from either a 240 ml or 900 ml bottle.
  • Target Pests

    Tempo SC Ultra has proven effectiveness against more than 100 insect pests, including: Annual bluegrass weevils (adult), ants, aphids, armyworms, bagworms, black turfgrass ataenius beetles, bluegrass billbugs, chinch bugs, cutworms, emerald ash borers, fungus gnats, grasshoppers, lace bugs, leaf-feeding beetles (adults and larvae), scale insects (crawlers), sod webworms, spiders, thrips and ticks.

    This product also controls a broad spectrum of stored grain pests, such as Cadelle beetles, cigarette beetles, confused flour beetles, dermestid beetles, drugstore beetles, granary weevils, hide beetles, Indian meal moths, larder beetles, leather beetles, lesser grain borers, lesser mealworms, Mediterranean flour moths, merchant grain beetles, mealworms, red flour beetles, rice weevils, sawtoothed grain beetles and warehouse beetles.

    Please refer to the Tempo SC Ultra product label for a complete list of approved target pests.


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  • Label / SDS

    Product Label

    Safety Data Sheet

    Safety Data Sheet (Spanish)

    Lawn Product Guide



  • Tech Specs

    Active Ingredient: Cyfluthrin 11.8%

    Manufacturer: Bayer Environmental Services

    Formulation: Insecticide Concentrate

    Approved Sites: Residential and Commercial. Indoors and Outdoors. Per label instructions.

    Application Information: Apply Tempo SC Ultra where pests have been seen or found, or can find shelter. This product may be used as a general surface, spot, mist, or crack and crevice application according to label instructions.

    For a 0.025% solution, mix 8 ml (0.27 fl oz) of Tempo SC Ultra per gallon of water. For a 0.05% solution, mix 16 ml (0.54 fl oz) per gallon of water. Use the high rate for severe infestations, faster knockdown, and longer residual, and whenever treating for bees, wasps, yellow jackets and hornets.

    Please refer to the product label for complete application instructions and use restrictions.

    Not For Sale To: NY - Restricted Use Only

    EPA Registration: 432-1363