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TakeDown Soft Rodent Bait

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  • Product Overview

    TakeDown Soft Bait combines the power of an acute rodenticide with the enhanced palatability of soft bait. It is particularly effective against anticoagulant-resistant rodent populations and for use in combating heavy rodent infestations, especially those in commercial environments. A lethal dose may be consumed in as little as one feeding with dead rodents appearing soon thereafter.
  • Benefits & Use

    TakeDown Soft Bait comes in a wax-free formulation designed to resist melting in high temperatures and remain attractive to rats and mice in all environments. With the active ingredient bromethalin, it boasts faster results than many anticoagulant rodenticides. It's unique package design allows the bait aroma to escape, attracting rodents and increasing feeding. 
  • Target Pests

    House Mice, Norway Rats, Roof Rats.
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  • Label / SDS

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  • Tech Specs

    Active Ingredient: bromethalin .01%

    Manufacturer: Liphatech

    Formulation: Rodenticide Soft Bait

    Approved Sites: Residential and Commercial. Indoors and Outdoors. Per label instructions.

    Application Information:

    House Mice: Apply 1 to 2 pouches per placement, usually spaced 8 to 12 feet apart. Up to 4 pouches may be needed at points of very high house mouse activity.

    Rats: Apply 4 to 24 pouches per placement, usually spaced 15 to 30 feet apart. Adjust the amount of bait applied to the level of rat feeding expected at each bait placement.

    Baiting Strategy: Highest bait consumption is expected to occur on the first day or two after treatment begins. After several days, inspect placement and replenish bait at sites where there is evidence of heavy feeding or where there is continued evidence of rodent activity. Normally, the volume of bait consumed will be significantly less with bromethalin baits than the anticoagulant baits.

    Although one night’s feeding will usually provide a lethal dose, maintain bait for at least one week to provide all rodents a chance to feed on the bait. Continue baiting until all signs of feeding have ceased.

    Follow-up: Replace contaminated or spoiled bait immediately. Wearing waterproof gloves, collect and dispose of all visible dead animals and leftover bait, as well as any bait that has become accessible to non-target animals. To discourage reinfestation, limit sources of rodent food, water and harborage as much as possible. If reinfestation does occur, repeat treatment. For a continuous infestation, set up permanent bait stations and replenish bait as needed.

    Not For Sale To:

    EPA Registration: 7173-304