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Pendulum 2G Herbicide Granule

  • Product Overview
  • Benefits
  • Target Weeds
  • Product Overview

    Pendulum 2G is a granular herbicide providing pre-emergence control of more than 40 types of grassy and broadleaf weeds, such as crabgrass, goosegrass, oxalis, henbit, and spurge.
  • Benefits & Use

    Pendulum 2G comes in both a sprayable and granular formulation to fit your needs, with the sprayable labeled for weed control on over 335 ornamental species.  
  • Target Weeds

    Pendulum 2G Herbicide Granule is effective against more than 40 types of grassy and broadleaf weeds including: Field Sandbur, Woolly Cupgrass, Lawn Burweed, Hop Clover, Cudweed, Evening Primrose, Fiddleneck, Filaree, Puncturevine, Pennsylvania Smartweed, Annual Spurge, Velvetleaf.

    Please refer to the product label for a complete list of target weeds and application instructions.

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  • Label / SDS

    Product Label

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  • Tech Specs

    Active Ingredient: pendimethalin 2%

    Manufacturer: BASF

    Formulation: Herbicide Granule

    Approved Sites: Per label instructions. For use in Turfgrass, Ornamentals, Landscape or Grounds Maintenance, and Non-Cropland Areas.

    Pendulum 2G provides pre-emergence control of most annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds as they germinate in any turf grass site (lawns, sod, turf areas). Examples of such sites include but are not limited to: grounds or lawns around residential and commercial establishments, multifamily dwellings, military and other institutions, parks, airports, roadsides, schools, picnic grounds, athletic fields, houses of worship, cemeteries, golf courses, prairiegrass areas, and sod farms.

    Pendulum 2G can be used in and around field-grown, liner-grown, and container-grown ornamental nurseries; established landscape ornamentals and ornamental gardens; listed ground covers and bulbs; non-bearing fruit and nut trees; conifer and hardwood seedling nurseries; and for tree plantation site preparation and maintenance.

    In addition, Pendulum 2G can be applied for general grounds maintenance around areas such as parking lots, driveways and roadsides, alleyways, bike and jogging paths, vacant lots, buildings, stone gardens and gravel yards, markers and fence lines, mulch beds and other similar areas. It may be used under asphalt or concrete treatments as part of a site preparation program.

    Application Information: Please refer to the product label for application information specific to target weeds and use sites.

    Not For Sale To:

    EPA Registration: 241-375