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Generation Rodent Bait Pellets

  • Product Overview
  • Benefits
  • Target Pests
  • Product Overview

    Generation is a professional, effective second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide formulated with difethialone, an active ingredient invented by Liphatech. Whole grains and seeds make Generation highly palatable to both rats and mice.
  • Benefits & Use

    Generation Bait Pellets are an ideal option for baiting rodent burrows. Containing the effective anticoagulant active ingredient, difethialone, Vitamin K1 is the antidote.

    The convenient bulk formulation allows applicators to adjust quantities as needed within ranges permissible by the product label, and the paraffin additives provided increased moisture tolerance.

  • Target Pests

    House Mice, Norway Rats, Roof Rats.
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  • Label / SDS

    Product Label

    Product Label Spanish

    Safety Data Sheet

    Safety Data Sheet (Spanish)


  • Tech Specs

    Active Ingredient: difethialone .0025%

    Manufacturer: Liphatech

    Formulation: Rodent Bait Pellets

    Approved Sites: Residential and Commercial. Per label instructions.

    Application Information:

    House Mice: Apply 1/4 to 1/2 ounces per placement, usually spaced 8 to 12 feet apart. Up to 2 ounces may be needed at points of very high house mouse activity. Maintain a constant supply of fresh bait for 15 days or until signs of house mouse activity cease.

    Rats: Apply 4 to 16 ounces per placement, usually spaced 15 to 30 feet apart. Maintain a constant supply of fresh bait for 10 days or until signs of rat activity cease.

    This product may only be applied to active rodent burrows to control Norway rats and roof rats within 100 feet of buildings and man-made structures constructed in a manner so as to be vulnerable to commensal rodent invasions and/or to harboring or attracting rodent infestations provided that infestations of these rodents have been confirmed. Efforts should be made to remove food trash, garbage, clutter and debris. Bait must be placed no less than 6 inches into active Norway/roof rat burrows. Do not broadcast bait.

    Always review and follow label instructions prior to each use.

    Not For Sale To:

    EPA Registration: 7173-205