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Amdro Gopher Gasser

by Amdro
  • Product Overview
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  • Target Pests
  • Product Overview

    Amdro Gopher Gasser controls pocket gophers in lawns, golf courses, and gardens and controls ground squirrels in lawns, golf courses, and rangeland. It is intended for outdoor use only in underground burrows to eliminate nuisance wildlife pests such as gophers, squirrels, and other burrowing rodents. Amdro Gopher Gasser kills squirrels and gophers by releasing a toxic gas that permeates throughout their underground burrow system.
  • Benefits & Use

    Although predominantly targeting Gophers, Amdro Gopher Gasser may also be used for effective control of Squirrels, Moles, Norway Rats, Skunks, and Woodchucks. When considering the use of Amdro Gopher Gasser, be sure to check the product label as well as state and local regulations to make sure this product is permitted in your area.

    Among the use restrictions, Amdro Gopher Gasser is limited to use for Norway Rats only in North Carolina, and may not be used for Woodchucks in California.  

  • Target Pests

    Amdro Gopher Gasser is effective against Gophers, Ground Squirrels, Moles, Norway Rats, Woodchucks, and Skunks. Use restrictions may vary by state.
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  • Label / SDS

    Product Label

    Safety Data Sheet 


  • Tech Specs

    Active Ingredient: Potassium Nitrate 45%, Sulphur 45%, Carbon 8%

    Manufacturer: Amdro

    Formulation: Burrow Gas

    Approved Sites: Residential and Commercial. Outdoor use only. Per label instructions.

    Application Information:

    To Control Pocket Gophers:

    BURROW PREPARATION: Locate characteristic fan-shaped soil mounds, which have sights of recent activity at their plugged entrances. Remove soil plug from center of each burrow entrance. Return the next day to see if the burrow opening has been replugged, indicating active use by a pocket gopher. Do not treat burrows that remain unplugged. Find the horseshoe-shaped depression on one side of the plugged mound. Locate the main runway by probing the ground 15–18 inches from the mound, starting on the same side as the depression. The main runway has been located when friction on the probe is released and it falls into the runway. Using a shovel or trowel, dig down to the main runway, taking care not to block it with soil.

    BURROW TREATMENT: Before lighting the fuse, ensure the cartridge will pass easily into opening and make sure that enough material is on hand to close burrows. Hold Amdro Gopher Gasser cartridge away from your body and ignite tip of fuse with a match or lighter with a small flame. The minimum fuse burn time is five seconds when it is lit at the tip.


    When it is lit, carefully insert the cartridge, fuse-end first, into one side of the open runway. Immediately close the opening with a board or shovel of sod. Tamp lightly with soil to prevent gases from escaping. If smoke is seen escaping from other holes, plug them firmly with soil. One or more additional cartridges must be used if treatment takes place in the middle of runway or if a runway is T-shaped.

    Within five days of treatment, check area for appearance of fresh mounds, which could be evidence of gophers that have moved into the treated area.

    Not For Sale To: Use in North Carolina is restricted to Norway Rats only; May not be used for Woodchucks in California.

    EPA Registration: 73342-8