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Pest Control Guides

  • DIY Pest Control Guide

    DIY Pest Control Guide

    Before jumping into our step by step guide for how to do your own pest control treatment, we encourage you to pause briefly to consider whether or not doing your own pest control is right for you. At Pest Supply...

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  • Ant Control Guide

    Ant Control Guide

    Thinking of doing your own ant control service? Pest Supply HQ's complete ant control guide provides valuable information on how to properly inspect, identify, and treat for almost any ant problem.
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  • Termite Control Guide

    Termite Control Guide

    Wondering how to protect your home from termites? Pest Supply HQ's Termite Control Guide provides insights on how to identify different species of termites, inspect for infestation and access points, and determine proper treatment measures.
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  • Rodent Control Guide

    Rodent Control Guide

    Rats and mice plague homeowners and businesses throughout the country. From rural areas to urban cities, rodents are ever-present, always amongst us, and the best approach is a cooperative effort to rodent management. Learn all about mice and rats with this Rodent Control Guide from Pest Supply HQ. 
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  • Bed Bug Control Guide

    Bed Bug Control Guide

    Learn how to identify, inspect, and treat for bed bugs with Pest Supply HQ's complete Bed Bug Control Guide. Find pro tips and bed bug resources along with access to professional bed bug control products.
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  • Cockroach Control Guide

    Cockroach Control Guide

    Learn how to inspect, identify, and treat for cockroaches with Pest Supply HQ's Cockroach Control Guide. Cockroach species identification is critical to developing an effective cockroach elimination strategy, and Pest Supply HQ is here to help.
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